Another success with the power of energy healing.

Another success!   We recently had an Open House at the corporate office of one of our senior community partners. It had been a while since I had entered a corporate setting, but boy, could you feel the stressful energy in the building.  We provided complimentary mini-sessions (30 minutes each) to the staff, and based on our survey results, 100% of them felt better after the session.  This was everyone's first experience with Healing Touch, so we were thrilled to be able to provide them with a great experience.

Our surveys also included some thankful comments, a couple of them below.

 "Thank you for your time in doing these mini-sessions! It was very relaxing and I can already tell that some of the stress and tension areas in my body are leaving/releasing."

"I do not relax easily. Rose was able to completely relax me - amazing! I can't even describe the sense of calmness that washed over me in such a short time. Didn't want the session to end."

We are so happy to be able to continue to educate our communities on the benefits of Integrative Healing Modalities!