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So, we've been quiet around social media for a long, long time...but that does not mean we have been quiet in our community!  We have been busy educating many of our local senior communities on the benefits of integrative modalities and specifically, focusing a lot of our time on Healing Touch.  We have a great partnership developed with The Waters and have seen great success with the residents in several of their communities.  Our growth has had its ups and downs as businesses always do, but it is always worth it when we create a new avenue for healing in someone's life.

There has been a lot of movement and research going on in the Integrative Medicine world, especially with Energy Medicine in particular.  There is a great article in the latest issue of Energy Healing (Sept/Oct 2017, pp. 27-29), called "Hoax, Hooey, or Healing?," that speaks to one person's account of how she came to experience and understand the great benefits of Healing Touch while coming from a very scientific and Western Medicine-based belief system.  It's a great article to check it out if you have doubts, or if someone else you know has doubts. It can be an abstract thing to understand until you experience it first hand, but this story gives a great example of how beliefs change.