The Body Energy System 101

Curious about Energy Medicine or Energy Healing and how it all works?  Let's start with the very basics...Get to know the Energy System in your own body!  All matter is energy, and we are all made up of matter.

You have 7 main energy centers within your body, otherwise known as chakras. 

Chakra defined:

“Chakra” = spinning wheel

 A vortex of energy within the body that extends beyond the physical body

Each of the 7 main chakras in your body carry its own vibration

 Each is associated with our physical, mental and emotional interactions

Balanced and open chakras facilitate health physically, spiritually and emotionally

 Blockages and imbalance cause pain, illness or suffering 

Energy Medicine works to balance the chakras and clear blockages.   You can help facilitate the progress of sessions with a practitioner by utilizing energetic balancing techniques, breathing and yoga.

Check out the function of each chakra and where you are strong and where you might have opportunity to create more balance.

Chakra System
Chakra System Overview