Stressed? Overwhelmed? Feeling out of Balance? What to do?!

Do you ever describe yourself as stressed, overwhelmed, out of balance, disconnected or worried?

If the answer is “yes,” it’s time for some Self-Care.  Self-care is a powerful practice to enhance your overall wellness to prevent illness and disease. There are three main components of self-care: 1) Your Mind (Emotional Self), 2) Your Body (Physical Self) and 3) Your Spiritual Self. 

 While Self-care can include anything you do to take time out for yourself (whether it’s making time for your hobbies, getting a massage or taking a much-needed nap!), Healing Touch specifically uses techniques to support and maintain all three components of self-care.  

One of the most common responses to a Healing Touch session is a calm and relaxed feeling that serves to increase clarity and peacefulness. Being clear and peaceful supports overall wellness.   We shared the self-chakra connection which is one great way to incorporate this practice on your own if you cannot make it to a session with a practitioner.  

STAY TUNED for additional techniques that we will be sharing to support your Self-Care routine.  Keeping a Self-Care routine helps you to be your BEST SELF by intentionally doing things that support and maintain your mind-body-spirit connection.