Looking for ways to feel more balanced? Take the 30 Day Challenge!

Take the 30 DAY CHALLENGE.  Complete the SELF-CHAKRA CONNECTION as described below, everyday for 30 days and see if you notice any changes in your body, mind, or spirit. 

The Self-Chakra Connection is a Healing Touch technique that facilitates movement of energy between chakras or energy centers.  It is a self-care technique, meaning you can do it on your own, to help connect, open and balance the flow of energy throughout the body.  Optimally the SELF-CHAKRA CONNECTION can be completed daily.  It can be done at anytime during the day although upon waking will more likely yield the most benefit. The SELF-CHAKRA CONNECTION may be completed lying down or in a sitting position and this youtube link will show you how.  During each position, visualize a ball of white light radiating through your body between your hands.

We challenge you to try it out for 30 consecutive days and report back your results! Stay tuned as we introduce more techniques…